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Versilon™ PTFE Tubing - Superior Temperature Resistance

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Versilon™ PTFE tubing is one of the most chemically resistant and temperature resistant fluoropolymer tubes available.  It is widely used in general chemical applications such as delivery of mineral oils, toxic gas monitoring and paint, varnish and adhesive delivery lines. Versilon™ PTFE tubing also services numerous applications in the automotive, electrical and appliance markets.  Saint-Gobain's careful selection of resin type, temperature and pressure produces smooth, non-porous, dimensionally stable tubing.

Features and Benefits

  • Highest working temperature of fluoropolymer tubing - up to 260oC (500oF).
  • Fully fluorinated for extreme chemical resistance to strong acids, strong bases, aliphatics, aromatics, ketones, etc.

Typical Applications

  • Solvent transfer
  • High-temperature air tubing for pneumatic actuators

Versilon PTFE data sheet.