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Versilon™ FEP Tubing - Flexible and clear

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Versilon™ FEP flexible tubing exhibits excellent physical properties and chemical resistance.  It is clear, chemically inert, high purity and non-toxic. Unlike metal and rubber tubes, Versilon FEP tubing is non-corroding and non-oxidizing.  Versilon FEP tubing is useful in a variety of applications and is not affected by solvents, acids or fuels.

Features and Benefits

  • High working temperature up to 206oC (400oF)
  • Impact resistant at cryogenic temperatures down to 

    -250oC (-418oF).

  • Fully fluorinated for extreme chemical resistance to strong acids, strong bases, aliphatics, aromatics, ketones, etc.

  • Clear and flexible.

Typical Applications

  • Aggressive chemical dispensing and transfer
  • Sight tubing
  • Cryogenic fluid transfer

Versilon™ FEP data sheet.