High Performance Fluoropolymer Tubing for Demanding Applications

Saint-Gobain Versilon™ fluoropolymer tubing is designed to meet the most demanding fluid transfer requirements.  Versilon™ fluoropolymer tubing is resistant to an expansive list of aggressive chemicals and may be used at a wide range of operating temperatures.  In addition to the expansive offering of single-layer products, Saint-Gobain also offers composite products which combine flexibility with the chemical resistance of fluoropolymers.

Experts in polymer processing and material selection

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Saint-Gobain provides fluid transfer solutions to meet a variety of applications.  In addition to a comprehensive portfolio of standard products, Saint-Gobain offers the ability to design and manufacture custom products for unique and demanding applications.  Distinctive material processing capabilities and a global manufacturing footprint allows Saint-Gobain to engineer solutions which meet challenging application requirements, worldwide.

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